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    Client Testimonial

    I have found the Life contouring sessions extremely helpful both in my personal and professional life. I think differently and have
    invested in me!!! We are quick enough to run and get a pedicure or a facial and I view a session with Elizabeth in the very same way.


    I come away from each session feeling invigorated and calm. “Go on, treat yourself” you will not look back. I have taken on many of Elizabeth’s ideas and have seen a difference in my home life. Elizabeth’s saying that always brings me back down to reality is “I am enough” has helped me greatly especially over the last few months with certain issues at work and personally.

    I have taken a hold of my personal finances also and have saved myself some money!! I love reading back over my little notebook and the notes I take at each session as they refocus me on the important things in life especially around ME. I have brought relaxing more in to my life and am honestly looking after me more than I ever did. Before I attended these sessions, I spilt myself in so many pieces.


    Some may call it selfish however we were put on this earth to look after ourselves. I also have lovely stones all over my house and
    have loved learning of their benefits and every Sunday I write out my list for the week (on a very fancy page from Penneys – a tip from our sessions) and I always ensure I add in what will not be happening this week e.g. worry.


    – Edel