Listed below are 15 masterclasses for life empowerment. Each of these masterclasses are a roadmap to your personal happiness, health, and wellbeing. Each masterclass can be delivered virtually in an interactive format over a one-hour period.   The details of each of the masterclasses and the benefits secured are set out below.

Masterclasses for the Physical Body


The person you have become from the moment you were born through to your health and fitness, your relationships and your thinking is paramount as these areas drive your life.

women guide masterclass

A Women’s Guide to the Cycles of Her Life

This masterclass is a comprehensive examination of a woman’s monthly cycles and its vital importance to a women’s overall health, wellbeing and vitality.

sleep wellness bed masterclass

Sleep and Wellness

Sleep plays an important role in your physical health and is the most fundamental acts of self-care. Regular, good quality sleep is important for brain functioning and much more.

living mindfully masterclass

The 10 Principles of Living Mindfully

Discover the 10 principles of living mindfully that create a foundation for a happy, balance and fulfilling way of life to maximise your productivity and motivation.

physical and mental detox masterclass

Physical and Mental Detox For Longevity

This masterclass will help you create a powerful identity shift that is nourishing and restorative. You will learn the 4 stages of body and mind fatigue.

energy restore balance masterclass

Restorative Energy

This is a workshop masterclass where you will learn how to restore and balance your bodies energies, and increase your focus, concentration motivation and productivity.

zest yoga

Zest Yoga

With my deep knowledge of the bodies rhythms and cycles I now guide individuals to embody health and fitness through Yoga, Ayurveda and immersive meditation sessions.

Masterclasses for the Emotional Body

eliminate stress anxiety prevent burnout

Eliminate Stress
and Anxiety

Stress is common place in society today and dealing with stress is key to having a positive work life balance. Participants will identify the causes and symptoms of stress and burnout.

nature calm prevent procrastination masterclass


This masterclass entails techniques and strategies to alter your relationship with time, become more efficient, creative, and productive.

men women masterclass elizabeth whelan

An Insight into Men and Women’s Behaviours

This masterclass entails a comprehensive understanding of the factors which influence men and women’s behaviours as well as their relationships

Life Dominant drivers coach

Identify Your Life Dominant Drivers

In this masterclass you will discover the dominant drivers in your life and what drives you to strive for a goal, solve challenging problems and empower others.

Masterclasses for the Mental Body

power of thoughts masterclass

The Power of

The mind is a force of real power! “New ideas, thoughts and inspirations will only take place when the mind is positive” This masterclass teaches you the power of the mind.

positivity and focus

Positivity and

This developmental programme helps you review personal and workplace perspectives with a view to reshaping your outlook on your work life, improving focus and productivity.

goals vision masterclass business life

The Secret of Setting and Achieving Goals

During this one hour session each attendee will hear why the pursuit of a goal matters just as much as achieving the goal. Individuals will learn the correct process of goal setting.

remote working environment masterclass

How to Stay Positive and Motivated Working Remotely

Through this masterclass you will learn how to prioritise your daily work routine ensuring an effective and productive use of your time and reduce stress and anxiety.

Masterclasses for the Spiritual Body

mindful meditation masterclass

Mindful Meditation

Taking time out to practice meditation and mindfulness to induce a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. You will gain insight into a new way of being.

yoga nedra masterclass

Yoga Nedra

This masterclass is a 25-minute guided Yoga Nedra practice to awaken the connection between the body, mind, and soul, which will help you to reach new levels of relaxation.

the breath masterclass

The Breath Masterclass

Your breath is the most powerful self-care tool you have. Through this masterclass discover how you can reduce all stress symptoms and increase your mind and body’s resilience.

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