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Client Testimonials

In 2020 I was feeling “stuck”. A friend recommended that I get in touch with Elizabeth Whelan from Zestivo to work through some issues I was having.


I can honestly say that making that call was one of the best decisions I have ever made. With Elizabeth’s help and guidance my life has changed for the better in ways I never thought possible.


I am more confident and can see a much better future ahead. In short, I have my “power” back. Elizabeth is truly gifted in the work she does, she is so passionate and caring about it all.


I am so blessed and grateful to have her as my mentor and coach. She always goes the extra mile delivering much more than is expected while guiding and encouraging me to create a wonderful life for myself.


– Dympna


Elizabeth Whelan’s job description is difficult to describe. She was recommended by a friend and turned out to be one of the best recommendations we’ve ever had. She arrived dressed as a businesswoman but her skills could be mistakenly described as belonging to the incense burning, chanting brigade. I hasten to add that she did neither of the above.
My home was in need of a “clearing”. There were some unresolved issues and Elizabeth set about clearing them all. No area was neglected. She made useful easy to accomplish suggestions in addition to some more longer term projects to get my home back to flowing with ease. Many of the problematic areas were helped along with a type of Feng Shui. Other areas required “sound therapy” work. Some even were healed with the simple action of a thorough clearing out of old files and paperwork.
Sometimes we need the help of a pair of fresh observant eyes to assess where a living space could be improved upon. Elizabeth provided me with a well written comprehensive plan of action. She followed up after a few weeks and again after a few months to see how many of the changes had been made and if I was struggling with any. She provided helpful contact details for some of the more difficult to get items, such as items to block the negative energy from probably too many electrical computers, tablets, wifi boosters in my home.
I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has helped to make my home a happier, healthier place to be.
– A. Hurst
Office space can be difficult to keep dynamic and productive. Staff members bring their problems, hopes, and woes. After some difficult few months with Covid-19, we felt the business was struggling more than it should be and employed the skills of Elizabeth Whelan to help. Elizabeth is very well versed in dealing with the business world and was quickly able to identify areas in the offices which could benefit from some of her support and guidance.
Elizabeth spent some hours assessing the office suite and wrote an extensive report outlining ways to work around problem areas. Everyones workspace is full of electrical equipment and Elizabeth had simple ways to negate the problematic energy. She had everything from broad brushstrokes to tiny details in her written report. Some weeks later Elizabeth checked back in to see how the clearing was going. She checked in again some months later.
Everyone in the office is delighted with the changes. They have been very positive. We cannot praise her professionalism highly enough. It was money well spent to create a stimulating and yet restorative work place. 
– M. Investments