Health and Life Contouring

What is Life Contouring?

Do you ever feel like you are just meandering through life, letting the ebb and flow of events push you off course? Or did you even have a course to begin with? Life contouring will guide you in making your own life choices that enhance your wellbeing from the inside out. I can help you find your purpose, and guide you towards self-actualization.


One-to-One Health and Life Contouring

I offer one-to-one health and life contouring sessions in person or through Zoom. Reach out and grab your future. Take control of your life and learn how you can manifest your dreams and live your best future.


Corporate Life and Business Coaching

The objective is to help individuals and or organizations devise and achieve short and long term objectives. I provide practical life enhancing skills that can be implemented into daily life to minimize stress levels, increase energy, enthusiasm and joy for life, along with nutritional guidelines to enhance the mind and body for achieving maximum performance.


Topics I cover include:

  1. Maximizing your potential
  2. How your thoughts and emotions really do create your reality
  3. Keys to achieve ultimate personal fulfillment in work and personal life
  4. Thrive without burn out
  5. Key tips for optimizing energy levels
  6. Overall well being
  7. Techniques to boost concentration
  8. Stress management
  9. Individual  life contouring; ranging from 1 to 4 sessions
  10. Team life contouring
  11. One hour / half hour mindful morning  or lunchtime meditations


All of the above can be achieved through various time frames, ranging from full days, half day or hourly sessions.

Given these changing times, I am available to work through Zoom and other virtual platforms.

Reach out and create an exciting future!

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