ABC Approach to Wellness

The ABC Approach to Wellness is my take on the most important tools for me in maintaining a state of wellbeing.

ABC approach to wellness health

With the onset of spring this is a great opportunity to navigating your way through these strange times.
It really is a time of self-reflection for all of us, as day by day we find new ways of being.
It is also a great opportunity to go within and find those transitional tools within yourself
that will help you through the challenging days.

For me some of the most essential tools in my personal care toolbox are the ABC tools.
A = Awareness.
B = Breath.
C = Choices.



It can be a great help to you if you focus on becoming aware of how you are responding to what is happening all around you and within you, because awareness is the first step in change.


Each day we can be faced with so many different challenges which reflect on our thoughts, our emotions, and our daily choices.


When challenges arise, this is the time to stop, take a breath and become aware of your reactions to those challenges.



Breathing is one of the most basic of acts but for some can be the most profound.


Just stopping whatever you are doing and taking a breath slowly steadily through your nose, holding onto that breath and releasing it slowly through your mouth.


Instantly this allows you to shift your energy and release negative feelings, or emotions that may be in your body.



For a lot of individual these days it is about making better choices.


Changing those thoughts that are sabotaging the bodies energies is essential.


Drinking extra water will rehydrate the body.


Eating life energy food rather than choosing the rubbish alternative.


Listening to positive podcast to lift the spirits.


Making that time and space in your day to get out into nature, being by the sea, walking in a forest or go for a run to clear your head.


Science has shown time and time again that connecting to nature has a strong positive effect on our mental health and physical wellbeing.


Even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, stress and increases pleasant feelings.


You are not only benefiting from the fresh air but also the light.


So many people suffer from sad syndrome at this time of year. Exposure to the natural daylight will lift your moods and give you the added benefit of Vitamin D which reinforces your immunity.


We all know when we choose to do what we enjoy, what makes us feel better, we have a greater sense of wellbeing, achievement and we become more productive.


So, take time this month to sit down and set out your own ABC’s.

“Make the rest of your life the best of your life”.

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