Benefits Of Organic Lemons

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1. As a kidney flush

Take a glass of warm water, squeeze half an organic lemon into the water and drink first thing in the morning.


2. Blood sugar

Lemon will lower the effects on blood sugar levels when consumed with a meal.


3. Digestion

Will relieve digestive issues and tummy upsets.


4. Blood pressure and weight loss

Lemon juice will lower high blood pressure and aid weight



5. Anti-bacteria

Has an anti-bacterial effect when used as a mouth wash after tooth extraction.


6. Mouthwash

A great mouth wash for bad breath issues and will relieve tooth pain.


7. Pain relief

Because of its anti-inflammatory action lemon juice has been known to relieve joint pain.


8. Haircare

Lemon is a super eraser of dandruff and will lighten the hair in summer time


9. Insect bites

Applying some lemon to insect bites will relieve itching


10. Skincare

Use leftover lemon rind on the backs of the hands to lighten pigmentation marks or age spots

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