Cocoa- Super Food

Containing over 300 nutrients, Cocoa is referred to as a super food. Here are the benefits.

cocoa super food benefits

1. Mood enhancing

Research has found that consuming cocoa significantly increases the body’s feel good hormones, serotonin and dopamine. It also improves mental performance, fatigue and aids restful sleep.


2. Healthy Heart

Eating small amounts of Cocoa can reduce the risk of heart disease. Rich in polyphenols a group of protective antioxidants, even a small amount of cocoa can reduce cholesterol in the blood and lower blood pressure.


3. Brain Health

Cocoa can improve your thinking skills and brain power. A recent study showed that a group of individuals who consumed medium and high amounts of cocoa made significant improvements with attention, function and memory skills.


4. Weight loss

Cocoa can provide specific benefits for weight loss. It’s consumption increases the levels of adiponectin a protein hormone released from the adipose tissues into the blood. The higher the blood levels of adiponectin the lower the percentage of fat in the body.


5. Anti-aging

The polyphenols in Cocoa contains the same antioxidants as green tea, protecting the cells from free radicals or destruction they can make us look younger. The antioxidants also boost collagen protection in the skin.

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