1. Stay focused and try some new habits that support your goals
2. Refuse to sacrifice the unimportant for the important
3. Being selective and doing less is the key to accomplishing more
4. What you don’t do is as important as what you do do!
5. Become aware of your emotions so that you can respond appropriately and
act accordingly.
6. Track any negative thinking and replace those thoughts with positive ones,
they are creating your life
7. Keep learning and growing, personal development works if it is turned into a
8. Begin to practice gratitude, it abolishes negative feelings and puts us in a
place of abundance
9. Practice forgiveness, powerful shifts happen when we forgive. “It opens the
door to love” Louise Hay
10. Meditate and tune in to your true self because who you are on the inside
determines how you live life on the outside.
11. Bring passion, joy and enthusiasm to your work, this will create powerful
positive energy all around you
12. Search for people who you really admire and start spending some time with
13. Search for joy and happiness in the little thing
14. Think about your talents and how you can contribute to helping others


“Make the rest of your life the best of your life”.