June Motivation

I cannot believe we are into June already, time is moving so quickly! With the New moon in our sky’s it is another opportunity for new beginnings; a clear focus; time to consciously reconnect with who we truly are.

car elizabeth whelan june motivation life coach

Stop looking back at regrets and what if’s and start looking at your talents; your achievements; your abilities, your potential and work from there. Start believing in yourself, find the joy in your purpose, chase your dreams with determination and passion. Joy is one of the most important and underrated essentials in life. If you’re not finding joy in what you are doing, then it’s time to try something else.

Begin by writing down your ideas, your dreams and desires as soon as they as you think of them because they can disappear very quickly from your mind. Read them every day and let the universe know that this is what you have chosen to manifest now!

Start believing that things are always working out for you and visualize yourself having that wonderful life. Switch off the negative influences associated with Radio, TV, those social media feeds which make you feel insignificant and small.
Get out into nature, out onto the world! There are so many wonderful possibilities out there, places to go, people to meet, experience to try.


I urge you this summer to grab life with both hands, honour your beautiful body, your wonderful mind, your uniqueness in this world. Surround yourself with people who love you, champion you, and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Share your energy and talents with others and give back to the world.


Remember you were not put on this earth to pay bills, suffer and die! Find your reasons to love yourself, to love life.


“Make the rest of your life the best of your life”

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