Salt for Good Health

Salt has been used for seasoning and preserving foods for centuries and is essential to your body. It is necessary for sustaining the hydration levels throughout your body. Is also extremely vital to maintain the electrolyte balance for the smooth functioning of the human organ systems. These electrolytes help your body retain its magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium levels.

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Sodium helps transmit nerve impulses and contract the body’s muscle fibres and in turn helps nutrient absorb in your small intestine.

Unfortunately due to poor food choices the average person consumes 20 times the amount required, not realizing that overdosing your body with excess salt can be fatal.

I always try and find natural ways to consume my salt.


You can purchase a good quality salt at your local health store. The Salt that I recommend is off white in colour and is called “Sel de Mer”.

A pinch on your tongue every morning will maintain good levels in the body and prevent regular trips to the bathroom to urinate.


“Make the rest of your life, the best of your life”

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