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The holiday season is well and truly upon us and for a lot of us we are jet setting to foreign venues all over the world.

While exploring new places is exciting, travel can play havoc with our bodies. These travel tips may help you next time you head off on holidays.

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Our bodies systems are programmed to work in a certain manner over a 24 hour period. This is known as the circadian rhythms, and when we fly long distances and move through different time zones our bodies and everyday functions can be thrown into disarray. This condition is called “Jet Lag” and can effect people in different ways with different symptoms which can vary depending on age, state of health and stress levels.


Here are a few helpful travel tips to help you realign your energies:

Set your watch to your new destination time zone


Drink plenty of water


Reduce your intake of coffee at least 24 hours before you travel


Avoid over eating


During your travels ensure that you move around and do some exercises to keep the blood and lymph flowing through your body. To prevent deep vein thrombosis, purchase a pair of flight socks at your local pharmacy.


Spray your skin regularly with a hydration spray, it is not only very refreshing. it is a great hydrator for the skin.


Air travel is associated with a drop in blood oxygen levels due to low cabin pressure. Try some mindful breathing exercises to raise your oxygen levels. Place one drop of lavender or tea tree oil into the palm of your hand and breath in deeply .This can increase oxygen levels and enhance the immune system during travel.


When you arrive at your destination try to get plenty of daylight


Tap your thymus point at the centre of you upper chest 7 times, this helps to re programme the bodies polarity, thus increasing your energy.


Try some mindful meditation to remain calm and to help you relax and stay in the moment.


Have a great holiday and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

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